Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the rabbit..

Every year is the year of the rabbit when you are a children's entertainer and  have a pet rabbit that you bring along to shows, not just the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

I've had pet rabbits for the last ten years. I bring them along to my kids parties. I used to do magic'tricks with them but now I just let the kids pet them instead and everyone is still happy about that. Rabbits require special care and each one has their own personality just like people do. My last rabbit loved people (he would always lick my hand when I or especially other people petted him). Cinnamon, the rabbit I have now has a shyer personality but occasionally he licks people too. Cinnamon has a calm disposition and almost never gets mad over anything. He also loves to eat timothy hay. No matter how much timothy hay I load into his cage he eats it up right away, and in a few hours after he is fed he stands on his hind legs as I walk by and stares at me as I walk by to let me know he is hungry again.     

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The million dollar balloon dog

Balloon dogs have become such a hot commodity that balloon artist Jeff Koons who makes larger then life balloon dogs (actually they are stainless steel sculptures of balloon dogs) and sells them for 4 figures and up is suing a San Francisco art gallery for making balloon dog bookends that retail for $30 because  Koons believes thay are infringing on his trademark. Though it is my belief that people who buy a 30 dollar balloon dog bookend probably would not have the money to purchase a 4 or 5 figure balloon dog and that people who have the money to purchase a balloon dog sculpture for thousands of dollars  by a famous pop art probably would not choose to buy a balloon dog bookend instead.

Besides the balloon dog was around before Koons started making balloon dog sculptures. I think it is kind of like someone making a pop art sculpture of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny and then suing anyone else for an infringement of a trademark if they decide to make anything that is Santa or Easter Bunny related. Well I am glad that Koons didn't decide to go after the thousands of clowns, magicians, and other children's entertainers who make balloon dogs on a regular basis at children's parties.